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6784 kilometres later


Some observations at the conclusion of our cross Canada trip:

Best coffee: Oso Negro in Nelson, B.C.

Worst restaurant meal: at a McDonald’s in Burlington, Ontario late at night

Most road construction: the number 20 from Montreal to Riviere du Loup. Construction every 20 kilometres for 423.4 kilometres. This is NOT an exaggeration.

Best restaurant meal: Cantina del Centro in Nelson, B.C. Do you see a pattern emerging?

Worst stretch of highway: for a combination of poor conditions and bleakness: Kenora to Ignace, Ontario. No contest.

Best breakfast: JC’s Hot Bagels in Burlington, Ontario.

Most expensive gas: $1.56 a litre in Northern Ontario.

Best sunset: Swift Current, Saskatchewan. You can’t beat  a prairie sunset.

Best sunrise: Nelson, B.C.

Longest day traveled: Swift Current, Saskatchewan to Ignace, Ontario: 1300 kilometres.

Best hotel: Auberge de la Pointe in Riviere du Loup.

Worst hotel: Swift Current, Saskatchewan. A swift current must have passed through the room before our arrival. The carpet was wet in spots and filthy all over. After 1300 kilometres, you’ll sleep anywhere.

Most scenic part of the drive: anywhere in B.C. and from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie.

Best road tunes: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Best surprise: a free round of golf with our room in Nelson. Because we had to stay two nights with car problems, we got two rounds of free golf.

Best hospitality: Friends along the way who fed us and put us up (put up with us!).

Best place to have car problems: Nelson, B.C.

Highlight of the trip: an unscheduled meal with my daughter and granddaughter in Montreal.

Notwithstanding (!) some gruelling hours of driving, traveling across our great country is always an adventure.

Thursday Tidbits is brought to you today by the Chamber of Commerce of Nelson, B.C.!

Have a great week.

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