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The Clyburn River


“All my life’s a circle, but I can’t tell you why,

The seasons spinning round again, the years keep rolling by.”

All My Life’s a Circle. Harry Chapin



I have a pair of transition lens glasses. When I’m indoors, the lenses are clear. When I step out into the sunlight, they go dark, protecting my fragile, aging eyes from the bright sunlight. And when I return home, the darkness fades.

A few days ago on my early morning walk, the leaves were falling off the trees in large numbers. The previous night, the temperature had dipped below zero and this was enough to loosen the leaves from their branches. Fall is turning into winter right before our eyes. The seasons are indeed spinning around again. For many, this is a depressing thought as they dread the cold and the snow. Others salivate at the thought of a walk in the snow on their snowshoes or a long ride in the outback on their skidoos. It’s hard to get unanimity on any subject, especially the tough ones.

Fasten your seatbelts. I’m about to get a wee bit philosophical here.

There’s another big transition going on for many in my age group as we move through old age and, inevitably, to our deaths. No one really wants to acknowledge this in any overt way but trust me, I expect just about everyone over 65 thinks about this from time to time, especially those of us who have watched an elderly parent pass away. Many of you have gone through a similar experience.

There have been many shocking, unexpected deaths lately which gives all of us a cause to reflect on the fragility of life and what lies ahead.

What does lie ahead?

As far as I can tell, no one knows with 100% certainty. Everyone’s belief system is different. Last weekend, I took a drive around the Cape with a dear friend from Ontario. It was a glorious day and while the leaves were past their prime, the scenery was nonetheless spectacular. Somehow we got on the topic of religion and the afterlife.

Sorry. We didn’t come up with any startling revelations. However, my friend made one astute observation. She referenced Leon Dubinsky’s famous song, “We Rise Again” to explain her thoughts on what happens after we’re gone.

“When the light goes dark, with the forces of creation, across a stormy sky,

We look to reincarnation, to explain our lives…

That as sure as the sunrise, as sure as the sea, as sure as the wind in the trees,

We rise again in the faces of our children.”

Long after we are gone, our legacy is in our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.

“Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,

And danced the skies on laughter- silvered wings.

High Flight. John Magee

Let us not forget those who have left us.


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