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Last weekend I went for a long walk and ended up down at the old train station which is now our local historical museum. I stood out front where the loading platform used to be and thought about days gone by when the Railiner used to pass through our town daily. I decided to wander up the tracks ( no fear of encountering a train ) and headed towards the trestle, a place I had never been to before. It passes over a river that empties into Antigonish Harbor. Weeds are growing between the rails and the tracks are littered with broken bottles and coffee cups. As I stood there staring into the mist, I recalled the golden age of rail and decided to write a story about it. This is a pure nostalgia piece and I will put it up on my website this Saturday. It’s called ” A Train of Thought.”

And speaking of train wrecks, The Casket has agreed to run my story about menopause next week. I have never received so much reaction from a story that hasn’t even been published yet. I am speaking at a conference this weekend and might test drive it there. If I disappear off the radar next week, you’ll know that it didn’t go well. This story had more rewrites than any story I’ve written before. Hmm. Wonder why?!

Betty and I will be heading off for vacation at the beginning of November so expect some Florida themes. I have been told that there won’t be as much shopping this year as in previous years. I am somewhat disappointed as this always gives me fodder for stories. But then again, I have known people to have a change of heart. One way or another, the stories will continue to come.

Books arriving Friday. Be the first in your neighborhood to have a first edition,  autographed copy. Limit of 100 per customer.

Have a great weekend.

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