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MacCormick’s trees


“Together we’ve climbed hills and trees,

Learned of love and ABC’s,

Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees.”

Seasons in the Sun. Terry Jacks

Trees are in the news a lot these days. Trees use the energy of sunlight and take carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and water.  Climate experts figure that if we planted billions of new trees, this might arrest the proliferation of greenhouse gases, at least in part. Sometimes we take trees for granted and scarcely notice them.

Maybe all of us retirees should volunteer one day a year to plant trees. I’m sure there’s a device we could use so that we didn’t have to get so low to the ground that we might not be able to return to the upright position.

Yes. We skinned our hearts, knees, elbows and every other part of our body when we spent our childhood climbing and playing in trees. Our neighbors, the MacCormick’s, had a stand of trees on their property that became a magnet for kids in the neighborhood. There was a huge rope tied to the top of one of them. We became the incarnation of Tarzan and Jane.

We took turns on the swing, one of the early lessons in democracy and sharing. Anyone who hogged the rope would quickly be excluded from this activity. In order to play the rope game, one first had to climb the tree. From high up, you grabbed the rope and swung into the great unknown. It created butterflies in your stomach as you soared through space. A line was marked on the ground and the objective was to swing with enough speed to let go of the rope and jump across the line in mid- flight. If you managed to get across the line, that became the new target. Sounds pretty mundane but that rope kept a whole generation of kids highly entertained for hours on end.

Speaking of trees, Cape Breton has monopolized on the majesty of the fall colors by creating a two week music festival with trees as the backdrop. People come from all over the world to attend Celtic Colors. They get to witness a dazzling display of colors as the fall leaves put on a show. They are equally dazzled by world class musicians. I am wondering if the trees receive a royalty for being the supporting cast?!

Since you asked. Why anyone would want my autograph remains a great mystery to me. A few people have contacted me because they want my new book. These are people who don’t live in this part of the world. True. They can get the book from Amazon but I don’t have the technology to autograph these purchases. If you want to get a signed copy of my Camino book, just send me an e-mail at along with your mailing address. I will sign the book and take it to the post office for delivery. Once I know the shipping cost, I’ll send this information to you and you can e-transfer the payment.

Show of hands. How many of you listen to podcasts? I’m thinking of starting a weekly podcast where I will feature some of my favourite stories along with my usual ramblings and insights into the mysteries of life. Just think, you could listen to me drone on while you’re making pies or doing the laundry. Let me know if you’d listen in.

Have a happy Thanksgiving weekend.

If you’re healthy and reasonably happy, count your blessings.

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