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My new website is up an running and I want to start by thanking my readers for the overwhelming show of support. It would appear that you approve of the new look and functionality of the site. And, lo and behold, within hours of the site being up and running, I received my first on-line book sale from a couple in Edmonton, Alberta. I am hoping that you will get the word out to your friends in distant parts of the world that they can easily access the book.

I also want to thank Crispin Cornect of Simply Ducky Web Development who masterminded this project. He was ( is ) very professional and had ( has )  infinitesimal amounts of patience dealing with a non savvy technical person like myself. I would highly recommend his work to anybody needing a website upgrade.

Coming up on Saturday, I will be posting my story titled “Leftovers.” The other evening I did some readings at a senior’s apartment building and I read this story to them. As you can well imagine, many of them came from large families and there was no such thing as leftovers. They really enjoyed it and I could tell by the nods that they experienced a lot of the same things.

I am putting the finishing touches on the story about the great Boxing Day street hockey game. I thought I had the final version ready for editing when my partner at work reminded me about the hard plastic orange balls we used to use for street hockey… before we came to our senses and started using tennis balls. This all ties into a theme about balls. We’ll leave it at that for now.

And boy, have I stumbled on a beauty. Just when you think you might run out of ideas, I got a brainwave today. I am going to go where no man should go … again. I mean, I have tackled bras and menopause so why shouldn’t I be given the right to discuss women’s purses. I carry a “man bag” most days so I am somewhat of an authority on the subject.

Heading across the Causeway later today to do my Cape Breton launch of the book. So far, I am sure that there will be three people there – Betty, Len and the custodian. I’m hoping there will be a few others.

And I will be back at the 5 to $1.00 again this Saturday for another book signing.

It’s all good.

Mentally strong people don’t expect immediate results.

Have a great day.


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