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The 365 Day Challenge

Those of you who read my articles regularly know that I am a big fan of 30 day challenges. You can turn bad habits into good habits in 30 days if you chart your activities on a daily basis. I am embarking on a 365 day challenge thanks to the inspiration from K.G. Every time something positive happens to her, she makes a note of it and deposits it in her “gratitude jar.” At the end of the year, she empties the contents and reviews all the good things that happened to her, her family and friends. It’s one of those little things to keep us aware of how good we have it. And when tragedy strikes, as it did recently, put out a helping hand to those who badly need your support.

I swear I wasn’t smoking or drinking anything when I bolted upright in bed a few nights ago. And what was rattling through my head at 3:00 a.m. you might ask? Latin. Specifically Latin responses to the parts of the mass from my days as an altar boy. I took this as a sign and wrote a story that morning called “Mass Appeal.”. If you are under the age of 60 and were not brought up Catholic, I will forgive you for not reading this. It’s not so much about religion as it is about traditions growing up in a Catholic household.

The response to the purse story was terrific. I did not know that a woman’s purse could be used as a safe haven for a wounded sparrow. There were all kinds of interesting comments and observations.

What is the longest day of the year? If you said June 21st. you are mistaken. It is actually January 2nd. and if you need proof, check out the Highland Heart magazine this Friday or here on my website on Saturday.

I hope the year ahead is a great one for all of you. Try something new.

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