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Spring will come… promise!



Everybody,  I mean everybody,  has a weather story or ten from the last couple of weeks. People who have lived in these parts all of their lives have never witnessed the strange weather patterns. We’ve had really snowy winters before and we’ve had winters that were quite benign. We’ve had rain and we’ve had freezing rain and ice pellets. We’ve had stretches of bitterly cold weather and some winters that bordered on tropical. But rarely, if ever, have we seen the odd sequencing of weather events. Never have I felt more like an old geezer than lately,  trying to navigate the sidewalks. And, we haven’t even had the worst of it. Some of the pictures and video clips from around the Atlantic Provinces are quite amazing. I have a relative in P.E.I. who is still snowed in. Spring will look particularly good this year.

I have decided to publish the story of my transcontinental trip with my son, Peter,  in chapters , commencing this Saturday. When I look back, we were incredibly lucky to drive 9700 kilometers and not see a single flake of snow. If we had left two weeks ago, we could be stuck in a snowdrift in New Brunswick. I have also pitched the entire story, all 5300 words of it, to a couple of publications. I am hearing through the grapevine that it might get published.

I would like to shamelessly make a plug for our library. This Friday,the 20th. at 4:30, the People’s Place Library will receive its plaque in recognition as one of the “Great Places in Canada.” The public is invited to attend. I plan to be there so drop over and say hello… and bring your chequebook while you’re at it! I am a board member with FOAL ( I am not a young horse, by the way…more likely  an old war horse ). The acronym, stands for “Friends of Antigonish Library.” You may not be aware but libraries are chronically underfunded. We are a group whose mandate ( among other things ) is to raise money for the library so that they can purchase books and other supplies. We are embarking on a modest fundraising drive ( $7500 ) and you can help by making a tax deductible donation to our campaign. Thanks.

More stories in the works. Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend.

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