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Yup. This way to the parachuting cows!



Well, the votes are in ( no, you didn’t miss the Federal Election! ) and the story “And Pigs Fly” has made in into the top all time views of stories that I’ve written over the past 2.5 years. You were fascinated with the notion of parachuting cows. I’m sorry to have left so many of you dazed and confused by not resolving the mystery in the story. But I did leave a clue in the last paragraph: “Students,” muttered Peter. I can’t say this with complete certainty but an inquiry to the Department of Transportation, who puts up these road signs, revealed that they believe it is a case of mischief by some enterprising students. It appears that someone came in the dark of night with a stencil and paint and ,voila!, we had two parachuting cows. But as you can see from the picture above, they weren’t done. If you come off the roundabout at Exit 33 en route to Antigonish, you will see this second parachuting cow sign.

Unless you’re an economics students you may have missed the deeper meaning of Ruth’s comments: “You have two cows.” If you took any economic courses in high school or university you probably encountered a discussion on economic models using two cows. Rather than me try to explain it, check out this link:

I still think that this would be an excellent tourism ploy to get people to come to Antigonish. I don’t mean actually trying to have airborne cows raining from the skies. Just signage that would make people stop and think that the “locals” have a very good sense of humour.

For someone whose mission in life these days is to entertain, I still have occasion to rant, as many of you know. During the winter, people complained about ice, snow and cold temperatures. The complaints shifted to dandelions ( imagine, the nerve of dandelions growing on your lawn ), black flies and mosquitoes. And now it’s the oppressive heat and fruit flies. The last time I remembered, these things happen every single year. This is not an anomaly, people. I have a friend in the hospital who is gravely ill. I visit him every day. Somehow fruit flies buzzing around the compost for a few weeks is not really that big a deal. Today’s rant is over and was brought to you by RAID.

I have lined up a few interviews with some very interesting people and hope to publish their stories in the not too distant future.

The last Antigonish Art Fair will be held tomorrow. We have our fingers crossed for the weather as we have a fantastic lineup of artists, performers and food vendors. The last act of the night at the gazebo is a surprise.

This has been a fantastic beach week and we have managed to get in a few swims. The water is a perfect temperature and the jellyfish haven’t arrived…yet! But I’m sure once they make their appearance, you will hear a litany of complaints. Oops, the rant wasn’t done, obviously.

The “P.D.”’s are having a big family reunion this weekend. As a person gets a little older, they realize that these are moments to be treasured.

Here’s hoping you have a fantastic weekend.

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