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dad sunset-3

Livingstone Cove at dusk

( Peter MacDonald photo )



The picture above was taken by Peter on Tuesday evening at Livingstone’s Cove. We were out that evening scouting out possible places to shoot pictures for the cover of my third book ( which will be published in November ). It was a wet , dreary evening when we headed out to Ballantyne’s Cove to check out one of the hiking trails. We walked a short way up the trail in the waning light. From one of the lookouts, we spotted a sliver of light across the way in Livingstone’s Cove. We hustled back to the car and made a beeline for it.

It is hard to believe that barely a few kilometers away, we were able to witness this stunning sunset. We thought that there was zero chance of seeing anything resembling the sun when we left town an hour earlier. Pete snapped several photos. He asked me to stand perfectly still as he repeatedly clicked the camera. This wasn’t easy. It’s hard for a senior citizen to remain motionless when the body sometimes shakes at will. Add to this, a very stiff breeze and I came to appreciate the work that models do. I am no model!

There were three other lovely people watching this spectacle: Coady students. Two of them were from India and one was from Western Canada. The women from India were quite taken with the scenery even though they found it a tad chilly. They were wearing parkas with hoods. Hopefully they’ll get back home before a real shock to the system occurs.

Ok. We’ve all been stuck in a lineup at least once… more likely dozens of time. Picture this. You’re on your way to work and you’re in a short bank lineup. There are two tellers and they both are waiting on customers. There is only one person in front of you. It is 2:35 when you enter the bank. You have 25 minutes to pay your credit card bill. At 3:00 , you finally get to the teller ( yes, your math is correct. That is a 25 minute wait ). Your bill is due today and if it’s not paid on time, the bank levels you with exorbitant late payment fees. You slide the bill in front of the teller and her screen freezes. Yup. Been there… done that. Coming soon at Week45, “Late Fee Fiasco.” Get in line for this one.

I was wading through some old material and stumbled upon one of the first stories I ever wrote when I was in Florida. The wedding season is all but over here but in Florida, these types of events are going on all the time. “The Bride Wore a Hardhat” is a true story of an unfortunate couple who decided to exchange vows on the beach just a few paces from where we were staying. She looked ravishing and it was a lovely day. One small problem: The American Army Corps of Engineers was bulldozing the beach – a reclamation project after a recent hurricane. If you’re bored Saturday morning, check this one out.

Yes. I was hanging out with Rick Mercer the other day at St.F.X. … me and about 1000 others. If you’re not on Facebook, find a friend who is and check out the photo. Or check my home page… at the top. After all the hoopla on the football field, I walked up into the grandstands where Rick was sitting and asked him to pose for a photo. He obliged and good thing, because moments later, he was whisked away to do some media interviews.

I received some lovely comments on the story “A Walk in the Woods.” Someone who is no longer able to hike felt like she was on the trail with us. Always appreciate the feedback.

Yesterday, Peter and I hit the road at 6:00 a.m. and went back out to the Cape knowing that the weather was going to be favorable. We nailed down some awesome pictures and now I have the book cover concept shortened to three ideas. I like all of them.

Have a great day and an awesome weekend.

P.S. Welcome aboard Kay,  from Alberta!

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