Wednesday Words to the Wise

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Is there any better place than the beach to spend a warm summer afternoon with your granddaughter? I don’t think so either!

I bet you can remember your first driving lesson. Anyone who grew up on a farm got a head start and was probably driving a tractor long before they were able to get their beginners license. I am going to post a story tomorrow about my own experience learning how to drive. As you know, I am prone to embellishment by times, but this story is all fact and no fiction. It is called “Baby You Can Drive My Car”. There are a few “touchy” parts in the story that I hope won’t unduly offend but sometimes ya just have to say it like it is. I didn’t get in too much trouble for using the word “arsehole” in a previous story.

There’s another story that I’m threatening to post but I would be taking more risks. It’s called “Getting it Right”. Somehow, men have a penchant for being wrong almost all of the time when it comes down to a debate with their spouses. I tackle this age old problem head on and may get slapped silly for publishing it. But I say, “what the hell”.

I saw the mock up for the fundraising poster today and kudos to Marilyn Milner for her efforts in putting this piece together. We are getting several inquiries for tickets which will go on sale soon.

See you bright and early tomorrow morning.

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