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Summer. Bring it on!


Summer hiatus and the long goodbye.

Summer has arrived which means sun, sand, surf, suds and sloth. Yup. Yours truly, is planning a little hiatus over the summer months. I will publish WWW if I have something to say but otherwise, I plan to take a little break from the writing.

This is to get you used to the idea that I won’t be doing this forever. Actually, I am serving notice that after eleven years and 1,322 posts, it is my intention to call it a day at the end of this calendar year. It is a combination of writer’s fatigue and economics. I believe Father Time is catching up with me and trying to find something new and fresh every week is not as easy as it once was. As I have mentioned a few times recently, the costs of maintaining my website continue to increase to the point where it is not a viable business proposition.

I’m not sure if Facebook changed the algorithm for my page last week but last Wednesday’s post gathered the largest readership and most comments ever for one of my regular posts. I can’t quite figure this out but the post struck a (musical) chord with my faithful readers. I had another magical moment last Friday with a group of grade 5 students.   (Open the link and click on the video in the lower left hand corner).

Happy Canada Day and have a safe, fun-filled summer.

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