You Choose The Story Line

Posted on July 21, 2013 under Storytelling with 2 comments

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So, Betty and I are returning from a romantic getaway to Walmart Saturday evening when she spots a stretch limousine parked beside KFC. I quickly pulled over and took this picture.

My first instinct was that someone’s wedding costs had gotten out of control and they decided to have the reception at KFC. Maybe the bride and groom were treating each other to  a “double down”.

OK. Now it’s time for you to weigh in. You can either write a story and send it to me or give me a story idea and I will do the rest. Come on, it’s Sunday and you can’t spend your entire day at the beach or in church! Let your mind run wild. Who knows, I might even put the story in my book coming out this September.

And to those golfers who spent part of Saturday at the golf course and the remainder of the day on the couch watching the British Open, I wrote a story for you yesterday. Check it out.

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